Dating back to the Egyptians, REFLEXOLOGY is also known as “Zone Therapy”. It is the application of pressure to specific points, energy zones, and areas on the feet or hands. Various reflex points correspond to the different organs and bodily systems. By pressing and massaging these areas, it opens up neural pathways to improve circulation, and offer overall benefits to your health and well-being. It is a relaxing feel good experience, for the body, mind and soul. You’ll see it’s more than just a foot massage! BONUS: Take Home 2 Detox Foot Pads to continue your healing journey.

1 hr = $85 (feet) * 1 1/2 hr = $125 (hands and feet) * no tax

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NOTE:  The utmost respect for your privacy is ensured.  Your treatment is in a private and peaceful Himalayan Salt room. For all REFLEXOLOGY appointments you are fully clothed and laying on a massage table. You take your socks off for your treatment. Services are performed by a Certified Reflexologist and Holistic Health Care Practitioner. Services may or may not be covered under your Insurance plans. A receipt may be given upon request.