INTERNATIONAL ENERGYWORK / VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE TREATMENTS are AVAILABLE for YOU to UNWIND, RELAX and REJUVENATE. Different Countries around the World have their own Energy Techniques, hence the different Names and Styles of Treatments available for you.

Choose Appointment Times: 1/2 hr – 1 hr – 1 1/2 hrs – 2 hrs



1) COMBO PACKAGE / BEST OPTION – You pick a combination from the therapies below, OR I can pick for you. 1, 1 1/2 or 2 hours sessions are available.
2) USUI REIKI (ray-key) (Tibetan/Japanese) and/or KARUNA REIKI (USA) – You are clothed and laying on a massage table. Begin with a smudging of sage to cleanse out any negative energies. Then I use Ancient Healing Symbols to activate the energy flow. Universal Life Force Energy comes through me, fills my body, then goes to you via my “Hands-On” healing touch. Reiki can help on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  You feel balanced, calm, and extremely peaceful.
3) CHAKRA BALANCING (East Indian) – You are clothed and laying down on a massage table. In this treatment I Assess, Clear, and Balance the 13 Main Chakras (Wheels) or Energy Vortexes of the body. This will include physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Energetic blockages are cleared, and any negative Karma can be accessed and cleared. Feel balanced, refreshed and renewed, cleared of energetic baggage that may have been holding you back.
4) ENERGY FIELDS / AURA READING – Assessment, clearing & balancing of physical, emotional, & spiritual energy fields around the body. You are standing for this one.
5) THERAPEUTIC TOUCH (USA) – Energy fields assessing, clearing and balancing, while seated in a chair. This treatment clears any negative energies and blockages, and then replaces them with positive energy. Feel refreshed, relaxed and balanced. A “No-Touch” approach that promotes healing, and reduces pain and anxiety.
6) AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT (USA) – Lay clothed on the massage table. Energy work is used to clear, balance and align your energies to the Sacred Energies of the Earth.
7) HOʻOPONOPONO (Hawaiian) – The practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Prayer and meditation.



FREE Additional Energy work included in all of the above treatments:

8) COLOUR THERAPY – included in all treatments, no charge  
9) CRYSTAL, GEMS & STONES – may be added, no charge
10) ENERGY ESSENCES – may be added, no charge
11) SOUND / HEALING MUSIC – included in all treatments, no charge



Intuitive Information from Your Spirit Guides and Angels about Your Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Well-being; and may include Past Life or Future Life Information that may Help You Heal.

1/2 hour = $75

1 hour = $100

1 1/2 hours = $150

2 hours = $200



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