HYPNOSIS for Therapy:

All Hypnosis (Guided Meditation) is Self-Hypnosis.  YOU are always in control.  My job is to guide you to where you want or need to be, to fix and heal the issues you are presently experiencing, the fastest way possible. Most people usually only require one to two sessions to help with their issue.

2 hrs = $300 (same price for the past 25 yrs)

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1) AGE REGRESSION / TIME LINE THERAPY – Time travel in your mind into the past of your present life. See your childhood, teen or adult years.  Fix and heal issues using Inner Child Work. Mend relationships, and address childhood problems. Clear any stressful and unresolved issues that hold you back from being the best that you can be.

2) PAST LIFE REGRESSION / TIME LINE THERAPY – Time travel back into your past lives and see your previous incarnations.  We clean up any messes and karma, fix relationships, clear physical aches and pains, emotional traumas, depression, fears, phobias, and so on.  Past Life therapy heals your soul, making you feel whole and complete. Get mentally and emotionally cleaned up, so you can experience a more fulfilling and positive life, in this lifetime.

3) PARTS THERAPY – Travel in your mind into your past, and fix the parts and behaviours of you that you don’t like, and then amplify the parts that you do like.  Feel like a new person, refreshed and revitalized. 

4) HYPNOSIS: For smoking cessation, weight issues, behaviour modification, athletic performance, increased confidence, and happiness.

NOTE: Services are performed by a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified in Qi-Mag Neutrakon (Quantum Hypnosis), Certified Master Time-Line Therapist (TLT), Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), B.A. (Hons) in Psychology and Minor in Social & Family Relations, with additional training in Parts Therapy; and Certified Life Coach. These therapies are not intended for those already under the care, or needing the care of a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist.