1) INTUITIVE READINGS – Ask whatever questions you like (past, present, future, past lives, career, love life, relationships, kids, co-workers, self, unexplained health issues, etc).  Please come with a list of questions.. I use all my senses as I tap into Universal Energies, and connect with Your Spirit Guides or Angels for messages. I do not use cards, tea leaves, coffee grinds, or other objects. All questions will be answered to the best of my abilities. Note: the future is not set in stone. It is based on mathematical probabilities, and converging timelines, one’s destiny, and one’s own free will. Multiple future timeline options are out there. You choose which one you want. Its nice to know you have choices to ensure the best positive outcome for your life. For entertainment purposes only.
2)  SPIRITUAL COACHING – Have you experienced: out of body experiences, near death experiences, ghosts, spirit guides, strange and unusual phenomenon. Do you have potential extrasensory perception? Need someone to talk to about these subjects?  Don’t hesitate to call. I’m loaded with extensive knowledge on the subject, and can easily tap into the energies of your concerns.


One Time Session $150 / hour

or Book Weekly Coaching Sessions $100 / hour min 8 weeks.

Weekly Payment Plan Available.


3) PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS – EXPLORE YOUR SOUL… Time Travel in your mind into your past lives. Discover who you were.  Were you a King or Queen?  A famous musician?  An artist?  A warrior? A Viking? A dinosaur? Were you famous? Explore various countries, cultures, time frames, and Ancient places.  Speak a different language.  Learn a new skill. Check out relationships. It’s loads of fun discovering “who” you really are. Discover your soul groups. Meet your spirit guides. Your soul remembers once activated. I was 21 years old when I had my first past life regression and I’ve been doing this ever since. In 2 hours you’ll go to at least 3 different past lives.
4) PAST LIFE REGRESSION for ENHANCING YOUR SOUL – Hypnosis session where we travel back into your past lives, to reclaim powerful or lost parts of your soul’s “energy” left behind. This brings the past positive energies into the present physical body and time frame. This makes you more powerful, whole and complete. This allows you to fix and reclaim your power.
5) FUTURE PROGRESSION – Time travel into the future (of this lifetime, or other lifetimes). Discover potential outcomes, future probabilities, on your timeline. Perhaps even travel to another planet.  Heal and change the negative if need be, and create the optimum future for your enhanced life, longevity and soul’s growth.


2+ hrs. = $300


6)  GROUP TIME TRAVEL (Past Life Regression +/or Future Progression) – Time travel in your mind, in a group setting. Travel to various locations around the world, or specific time frames. As a group you can travel into the past, present, or future (eg. to your most powerful lifetime, the lifetime you were famous, to the time of the Egyptians, to a specific date, etc). The group decides where to go. You lay on the floor, and explore places on your own. Later you can share and discuss your experiences with the group. Note: If you need specific concerns answered, try an individual personalized regression/progression session done on your own, or an intuitive reading.  
7) ADVANCED GROUP TIME TRAVEL: With advanced students, or clients we can travel together and discuss aloud the time travel (past, present, future) while we’re “in” the session. We travel together to same location and see things together. This is REALLY COOL! You get group affirmations on historical events of the past or see events of the future.


2 hrs+ $75 /person  (Min. 5 people, Max. 10) Location to be determined.


8) ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR – I come to you.  I can help communicate with your animals (pets and farm animals), and offer insight and energy healing.  


2 hr HOUSE CALL Local Area Only = $325
EACH additional hour = $150



CALL Today for Your Session

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Mon. to Sat. 10-6 pm

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DID YOU KNOW?   That over 50% of the world’s population believes in past lives and reincarnation.  Reincarnation is a philosophical concept and not a religion, although it is part of many world religious beliefs.  It is the concept that after we die, our soul reincarnates or comes back into a new life form.  It is the belief that we are spiritual beings (souls) having an earthly experience in a physical human or animal body (costume).
We have been on earth several times, and usually come back in soul families.  This may explain why you go somewhere and it feels like you’ve been there before; Or you meet someone and you instantly love or hate them.  With feelings of love you were probably lovers, family or friends before.  When you meet someone you instantly dislike, it could be that they killed you in a past life, or you were enemies.  This may create negative energies or karma, which should be fixed or healed.  Physical, emotional and spiritual traumas can be healed through past life work.
The purpose of coming back again and again is to develop the soul.  Earth is the learning playground, the school of hard knocks. Luckily we get new bodies and skin every once in while to continue our soul’s evolvement, towards higher ascension, and enlightenment.  Ultimately leading us back to God Source frequencies and energies.  Come explore who you are. Take a journey into your soul’s lifetimes, and explore who you REALLY are.  This can be an eye opener.  People are usually in awe after their experience.  It is a lot of fun! It’ll change the way you see yourself, others, and this planet we call home.