HIMALAYAN SACRED JOURNEY EXPERIENCE – SWEDISH RELAXATION MASSAGE + HOT HIMALAYAN SALTED OILS and STONES. Originating from the Himalayas, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Poland. This is a silky luxurious massage that cleanses, detoxifies and mineralizes the whole body. Heated salt stones are gently placed on the body to add warmth and soothing comfort. Heated and finely salted oils are used during the massage offering relaxation and a gentle skin exfoliation. This massage can help with respiratory problems, regulating blood pressure and hormonal balance, improving the digestive system, and to help flush out toxins. Your skin will feel silky smooth and refreshed. Your mind cleared, calmed and rejuvenated. Be one of the first in Canada to try this luxurious salted mineral experience. Available here.

1 hr = $125 * 1 1/2 hr = $160 Best deal

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