HAWAI’IAN SACRED JOURNEY EXPERIENCE – Enjoy an authentic Ancient HAWAI’IAN MASSAGE, as done in the Hawai’ian Temples.   Your Full Body Massage starts with a Shamanic Hawai’ian Dance that enhances the Energies of the Body, Mind and Soul and puts you into a protective energetic cocoon.  The energy-work is then extended to the body.   Hot oils are used to massage with the forearms and hands, to create long gliding strokes that feels like rolling waves of the ocean.  The massage is a Sacred respect of the body.  For when you just need to feel loved and accepted, without judgment.  Traditionally used during times of Transitions in your life (eg. marriage, divorce, new kids, job change, moving, death, and so on); But can actually be enjoyed at any time in your life.  A Truly unique, and special massage experience. 

NOTE:  This massage is not suitable for small, or skinny body types.  In Hawai’ian Spiritual practices they believe that the “Larger” you are the more powerful energy or Life Force that you have.  This massage was created for these larger body types.  Please Book a “SWEDISH RELAXATION MASSAGE” 1st before trying this, so that I can make sure this type of massage is appropriate for you.  

1 hr = $125 *** 1 1/2 hr = $160

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