SWEDISH RELAXATION MASSAGE + CUSTOMIZED AROMATIC OIL BLENDS to ENHANCE and STRENGTHEN YOUR 7 CHAKRAS (East Indian term for the wheels of energy on the body). Pick a CHAKRA (1-7) to work on for your massage experience; and then I Custom Blend an oil combination that fits with your Chakra, and also for your skin type (dry, oily, normal, aging). Listen to relaxing Healing music Specific for the Indian Chakra you have chosen.

1. MULADHARA – ROOT CHAKRA – You need help with grounding, physical identity, stability, letting go of fears and insecurities, arthritis, colon issues, reproductive issues, insomnia, low back pain.

2. SVADHISTHANA – SACRAL CHAKRA – You need help with creativity, feelings of self-worth, shame, balancing emotions, lower back pain, adrenal glands, urinary tract infections, reproductive issues

3. MANIPURA – SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – You need help with self-esteem, confidence, worry, doubt, self-mastery, commitment, motivation, digestive issues, heartburn, ulcers, unexplained pain.

4. ANAHATA – HEART CHAKRA – You need help with love, compassion, forgiveness, loneliness, conflict resolution, moving forward, old emotional wounds, heart, thymus issues, asthma, weight issues.

5. VISHUDDHA – THROAT CHAKRA – You need help with communication, voice, clarity, trouble speaking, telepathy, truth, lying, arrogance, anxiety, throat, teeth, gums, mouth, hearing issues.

6. ANJA – 3rd EYE CHAKRA – You need help with intuition, imagination, concentration, wisdom, higher consciousness, aligning with authentic self, fear, nightmares, headaches, stress, exhaustion.

7. SAHASRARA – CROWN CHAKRA – You need help with awareness, intelligence, alignment, truth, enlightenment, life’s purpose, spirituality, stubbornness, bliss, brain, nervous system, depression.

1 hr = $95 * 1 1/2 hr = $135 * 2 hrs = $170

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