A. BODYWORK (Hands-on)

B. ENERGYWORK (Hands on/off)






1 hr. $85     1 1/2 hrs. $125     2 hrs. $160

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1) Swedish Relaxation Massage – full body massage with lotion.  Good for stress management and relaxation. Easing your aches and pains away.  A great place to start.

2) Aromatherapy Massage (Egyptian) – advanced Swedish, massage using carrier oils, blended with aromatic essential oils.  Stress management and relaxation for the body and mind.

3) Shiatsu Massage (Japanese) – on the floor, clothes on. Good for deep stimulation, balancing, and rejuvenation.

4) Thai Massage (Thailand) – on the floor, clothes on.  Good for stretching, flexibility.

5) Lomi Massage (Hawaiian) – ancient temple work.  Spiritual energy & bodywork.  A  sacred journey.  Perfect for times of Transition in Life.

6) Hot Rocks Massage (Native Indian) – warming and relaxing.  Good for improving circulation, and when the body is cold.  Excellent in the winter time.

7) Skin Brushing, Cellulite Reduction & Circulation Improvement Massage – detoxing, improving lymphatic flow, rejuvenating.

8) Reflexology (feet) = 1hr – therapeutic, relaxing, finish feeling like walking on a cloud.

9) Reflexology (feet & hands) = 1 1/2 hrs – soothe your tired hands and feet.

10) Ear Candling (Native Indian) – with facial massage, eliminates ear wax, improves hearing, and helps with sinus drainage.


1 hr. $85    1 1/2 hrs. $125    2 hrs. $160  (Add $15 extra per hr for additional intuitive info)

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11) Chakra Balancing (East Indian) – assessment, clearing & balancing of 13 chakra levels

12) Aura Reading – assessment, clearing & balancing of physical, emotional & spiritual energy fields.

13) REIKI (Usui – Ancient Tibetan) or (Karuna – USA) – Hands-on energy healing.  Helps physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Energy balancing and calming.

14) Therapeutic Touch (USA) +/- Reiki – energy fields clearing and balancing, rejuvenating, relaxing.

15) Axiatonal Alignment (USA) +/- Reiki – energy work, spiritual alignment.

* BONUS FREE Energywork Included In “ALL” Treatments:

16) Colour Therapy – included in all treatments, no charge                                                    17) Crystals, Gems, Stones – may be added, no charge                                                           18) Energy Essences – may be added, no charge                                                                       19) Sound Therapy – included in all treatments, no charge


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20) Intuitive Readings for Fun – Ask whatever questions you like (past, present, future, past lives, career, love, relationships, kids, co-workers, self, health, parapsychology, etc).  I use all my senses –  clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudience, telepathy, medium, baby and animal communication.             1 hr. $100       1 1/2 hrs. $150       2 hrs. $200

21) Animal Communicator & Energy Work: for your pets & farm animals (eg. horses)   2 hr House call (local area only) $300  OR  Book me for the day  $1000 (7-8 hrs incl travel)

22) Past Life Regression for fun – you travel into your past lives, explore who you were.  Heal and fix whats needed – 2 hrs $300

23) Future Progression for fun – you travel into the future, explore potential outcomes and timelines. Heal and change if needed – 2 hrs $300

24) GROUP: Past Life Regression +/or Future Progression for fun – Travel in a group to various locations around the world. Travel to the past, present, or future.               2 hrs+ $75 /person  (Min. 4 people, Max. 25)


D) HYPNOSIS (Guided Meditation):

Note: All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  YOU are always in control.  My job is to guide you to where you want or need to be, to fix and heal the issues you are presently experiencing.

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25) Age Regression – travel in your mind to this lifetime, to your childhood, teen or adult years.  Fix and heal issues using Inner Child Work.  Good for health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, etc.   2 hrs $300

26) Past Life Regression – you travel into your past lives, clean up messes and karma, fix relationships, clear physical and emotional traumas, rejuvenate your soul, take a load off your back.   2 hrs $300

27) Parts Therapy – travel into your past, and fix the parts of you that you don’t like. Amplify the parts you do like.  Feel like a new person.  Good if you don’t want to see any of the ugliness, but you still want to heal and improve you.  2 hrs  $300

28) Fragmented Soul Retrieval – regain powerful or lost parts of your soul left behind in past lives.  2 hrs  $300

E) FENG SHUI & VASTU – Home, Farm, Business House Calls:

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29) Feng Shui (Chinese) –  Starting at $500+ (Priced by your Budget, Remedies Extra) Creating positive energy flow in your environment (home or business); Design, layout, and colour.  Using Chinese Loupan & Compass Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Geobiology & Geomancy (dowsing, pendulum work, EMF, earth energies, grid lines);  Increasing harmony and positive energy flow for empowerment, health enhancement, wealth & abundance, for you, your family and workplace environment.  Chinese remedies are used to fix the space.

30) Space Clearing – purifying and protecting, clearing negative energies, curses, ghosts, unwanted spirits.  Starting at $300+

31)  Vastu (East Indian) – Starting at $300+ (Priced by your Budget, Remedies Extra)  Using ancient wisdom and modern techniques.  Vastu is excellent for balancing energies of home or work space.  Good for health, wealth, relationships, etc.  Remedies are used to neutralize: EMF’s, negative earth energies, cell phone usage, etc.



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